A poetic history – Wordsworth on Kilchurn

With thanks to a recent and very welcome guest (Rachel), we have belatedly discovered that the great poet (and poet laureate 1843-50) William Wordsworth wrote a fabulous poem about Kilchurn Castle which is reproduced below:  ADDRESS TO KILCHURN CASTLE, UPON LOCH AWE CHILD of loud-throated War! the mountain Stream Roars in thy hearing; but thyContinue reading “A poetic history – Wordsworth on Kilchurn”

Tower makes Airbnb list of ‘cool and quirky’ homes

Fabulous news! After a year of being an Airbnb host we have made their list of top ten ‘cool and quirky’ places to stay in the UK.  See this link in The Guardian newspaper. To say that we are chuffed is an understatement! We keep making improvements and this year we have added more antiqueContinue reading “Tower makes Airbnb list of ‘cool and quirky’ homes”

The holiday let is truly up and running

It has been a while since we have posted an update on our blog – though we have refreshed the site to make it easier to learn more about the holiday let. We have been up and running as a holiday let since August 2016 and the overwhelming experience has been positive – apart fromContinue reading “The holiday let is truly up and running”