About the Tower

The Tower of Glenstrae was built in 1895 as a ‘gentleman’s residence’, by Major Grieg of Edinburgh.   Built in the Scottish Baronial Style, the interior of the house is heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement.

The gardens are mature, with fine examples of Scots Pine Trees.  In May and June the gardens explode into a riot of colour, with the azaleas and rhododendrons in full bloom.

Maggie and I first spotted the Tower of Glenstrae in May 2014 – long before I was even thinking about applying for jobs in Scotland.  Looking at houses on Rightmove is definitely a slightly strange Saturday morning pastime but that enabled me to spot this place and save it in my wishlist!

Later on we found more background on the Tower in the Daily Record but even when I moved jobs I kept an eye on the Tower praying to the house gods that no one would buy it before we had a chance to sell up down ‘sarf….

Our first six months have been fairly hectic and we have barely had time to enjoy the surroundings beyond our own haven but there have been visits locally to the Cruachan power station, the reservoir, the smokehouse at Inverawe and there is no excuse of course not to have toured the gorgeous St.Conan’s Kirk.

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