Sent to the Tower!

Moving to Scotland from North London was always on the cards but perhaps not in the way we had originally anticipated.  Sitting on the veranda of a cabana on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula in August 2014 I noticed a job advertised in a certain Scottish city.


M and I had talked often of the move north to live in a country whose values and lifestyle we appreciated.  So when I raised the prospect of this job with the sun shining on the white sands in the background we thought – why not apply and see what happens?  Well to cut a long story short I got the job and we started the arduous process of packing up a home where we’d brought up a daughter and shared many happy memories with good friends for the past 23 years.

This blog serves two purposes – first we are using it to capture the process of setting up a new home in the amazingly beautiful surroundings of Loch Awe and secondly at some point in 2016 we will be setting up a self catering holiday business in one ‘wing’ of the house!

M finally joined me after leaving the teaching profession in August 2015 and she now works part time in a local ballet school.  More on that I am sure in future blog posts…

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