The holiday let is truly up and running

It has been a while since we have posted an update on our blog – though we have refreshed the site to make it easier to learn more about the holiday let.

We have been up and running as a holiday let since August 2016 and the overwhelming experience has been positive – apart from the one occasion but even then everything was resolved nicely.

We have now had 30 sets of guests and they have all been entranced by the views from the Tower of Glenstrae.  We have had all types of visitors stay with us from families with small children to groups of friends touring the highlands.

That everyone is as enchanted as we are by the Tower is a real validation of our decision to move here in the first place.  Everyday the light changes and you see some new colours in the landscape around us.

Listen and watch closely and you can hear the owls and see the many species of small bird that feed in our garden.  M does not believe me but I have seen red squirrels scampering up the pine trees as well as a pine marten!  There was also a deer in the garden last winter during the snows – it left footprints so I had proof for M!

New projects planned for the year ahead include decking for the holiday let so we can bring the BBQ nearer the property – for those all too short summer months – and an outside area for storing logs nearer the house. Then maybe we will think about a games room and what about a workshop for cyclists….?

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