About us

Now that we have been up and running for a year we are a little less coy about saying a little bit more about ourselves.  Maggie is an experienced dance educationalist who as well as writing the GCSE Dance exam, lectures at a Ballet school and Takki is in the business of reputation management and transformation in the public and voluntary sectors.

Between us we were hankering after a new challenge in our fifth decade and what could give us more of a challenge than taking on an eight bedroom property in slight need of modernisation 90 minutes drive from Glasgow?

The house itself is in pretty good decorative order but in a house this size there is always something to do.  We have now comprehensively overhauled the Airbnb (self-catering) third of the property and we have comprehensively overhauled the heating system. Tasks for 2018 might include a second bathroom for the Airbnb third as well as a porch. A new garage is beckoning as is a new fence for the boundary – all in good time!

Part of the attraction of moving here is the glorious landscape.  As you will see from our expanding collection of amateur photos the light changes every single day. It is truly spectacular and left our visitors over Christmas and New Year speechless.  For some of our friends that is quite an achievement – you know who you are!

In our blog posts we will be capturing some of the history of the house and its previous occupants plus as we become more knowledgeable we will add information about the area, its history, geography, food and hopefully its wonderful walks and cycling routes.